Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Survey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Survey - Essay Example A security survey is an examination and analysis of a business along with assessing the existing security and its importance and deficiencies. A Security survey is a systematic approach of mapping and testing existing security programs and initiatives in a critical manner. Usually, security programs are designed for stakeholders that include employees, customers, government and shareholders. It includes general security and technological security that plays an important role in defining the business approach of an organization. Thus, it is important to know the existing issues and problems pertaining to the security. People concerned with the security programs should be addressed and accordingly issues should be discussed with them to understand the need and importance of conducting the survey. Survey can be conducted through questionnaires or personal interaction in order to assess and analyze the loopholes and benefits of security system. All responses should be recorded in an ethical and transparent manner. It is important to design questionnaires keeping the security objective in mind along with addressing wide arrays of issues and problems pertaining to security. Usually, security surveys are conducted by the security officer but can also be conducted by the outside party in order to have a third party opinion over the existing security systems. The questions should be precise and open ended in nature and should compel respondents to share their views. This would further help in analyzing the garnered opinions and views. It needs to be understood that results of the survey are reported to the management in an informative and logical manner. It should include an introduction of the survey, needs and objectives along with stating the purpose of conducting the survey. A thorough analysis of risks and returns should be included along with mentioning wide arrays of strengths and

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