Friday, August 9, 2019

Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 67

Case Study - Essay Example This led to implementation and installation of the new system, but poor training and inadequate time for training about the new systems affected its effectiveness. This led to challenges to the JCSS officials but after later training, the system became effective. (Timeline, 2006). For the purpose of faster and efficient data analysis, JCSS needed to develop the new system and to enhance that they selected vendors and software. A selection of computer committee of major users of the system was chosen to evaluate and recommend on available systems and recommend a vendor to the JCSS School Board. The vendors were to accept responsibility and enhance installation and maintenance of the new system by support and training services. JCSS gave information on the size and the system they needed and gave specifications on the desired requirements for the application software. The problem arose when the system that they needed did none of what they exactly needed the system to do and this led to uncertainties in the new system, which was to be replaced with the existing one. (Chris, 2006) There were major problems in using the student management system and installation. The method employed in the implementation of student system by transferring directly all information in the old system to the new system without testing the system to identify any problem let to problems. This led to errors when they started working on the students scheduling. The scheduling officers did not know how the system work due to inefficient training by the DSI, and this led to the failure of JCSS to make the schedules done at the time planned which resulted in several problems. The rush in training due to less time for training as schools were to open led to issues when schools started as those working in the system did not understand it. The attendance officers were unable to work the system for the first few weeks, and this made scheduling of

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