Friday, August 23, 2019

Computing Research Methodologies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Computing Research Methodologies - Essay Example The aim is to spread the knowledge about how the trainees can save themselves from any mishap. This paper presents the rationale for the development of this interactive simulation, the resources used in the development, the deadlines that should be followed in the implementation of this idea and it also discusses the potential usage of this innovative idea in the educational sector. Second life is a virtual world in which one can experience learning with the help of simulations. The users of second life interact and collaborate with each other by using avatars. These avatars act on the behalf of users in socializing and participating in individual and group events. This proposal is projected towards creating a facility in Second life in order to test the idea that interactive simulation can assist in health improvement and safety awareness among the trainee science teachers. For this purpose a virtual laboratory is built. The CoVASE technology is used for the development of this virtual laboratory. This virtual lab will teach the trainee science teachers how to take safety measures and how to improve their health by interacting with them through 3D visualization. It will develop a simulated atmosphere of real world incidents in a science laboratory for the trainee teachers. The trainees were given full control on the system and their responses and activities we re recorded. The trainees shared their experiences on virtual simulated environment that it was very interesting, informative and motivating for all of them. The trainees can get the required information about the training without any cost incurred. It does not require any additional expense to gain experience from virtual world and interactive simulations. It is an interesting activity to be performed and it does not cause boredom among the performers (Fan & Geelan, 2013). In this project my aim is to

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