Tuesday, August 13, 2019

SMART Methodology Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

SMART Methodology - Personal Statement Example As I have outlined in my first assignment, my interaction in a group environment has been characterized by immense learning. However, I have identified areas that require my attention. Since I hail from a culture where people are generally shy and not too open, I tend to take time and effort to open up. In addition to this, since English is my second language, I am shy when it comes to interaction. Hence, I have outlined three important aspects I would like to work on. I would like to be more open and receptive to ideas, I definitely want to emerge out of the comfort zone and interact more freely; and I also want to learn to build my trust in people. In addition to this, I would also like to become a more involved team-player and develop leadership skills in order to help steer my team towards a goal. In this paper, I would be developing an Action Plan, based on the SMART Methodology, to overcome these problems and achieve the envisaged goals. ACTION PLAN My action plan would be chalked out in terms of the various stages involved in the process of attaining the envisaged goal. The following is the step-wise procedure towards achieving the goals: Areas of Concern:It is very important to outline the areas that require improvement, in order to chalk out the action plan. My biggest short-comings are, my inability to open up and talk without feeling shy or intimidated. Once I achieve this goal, I would want to look at becoming a team-player, communicating effectively and acquiring leadership skills. Hence, these are the problems I would like to address and work on improvising, in my Action Plan. Addressing the Areas of Concern: An action plan, based on the SMART methodology is based on the following aspects: It is Specific in nature, Measurable in terms of time-frame and effectiveness, Achievable, Relevant to the areas of concern and finally, Trackable. The following action plan is based on these pointers: In order to open up and become less shy, I would firstly start identifying my feelings and what I would really like to communicate, Unless I am clear about this, I cannot communicate the same with the others. Upon understanding this, I must write it down. This will help train my flow of thought and help me express myself better. The writing can be formal or informal, based on the kind of emotions and the kind of interaction I would like to have. In a formal atmosphere, I would definitely like to express myself in a formal tone, without delving into informal aspects. This process is specific, because it is directly aimed at procuring a particular result that I have set. The time-frame set for this is at least a continuous cycle of fifteen days. Rigourous pursuit in this direction, would ensure that I am able to express myself clearly and in entirety. In the process of developing my ability to express myself, I would start interacting with people slowly. Every person has a comfort group. I would firstly open up with people that I am comfortable with. Their encouragement would give me the requisite confidence in taking my pursuit further. In addition to this,I would also work on improving my communication skills

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