Monday, August 12, 2019

The Market Today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Market Today - Essay Example Shopping today is characterised by binge shopping where marketers entice the modern consumer to shop their products in frenzy (Brown, 1993). As such, the current market is characterised by increased urge to consume not to satisfy a need by but for pleasure and in seeking identity as a postmodern consumer. Some of the characterized changes that have occurred in the market over the time could be grouped into modernism, critical and postmodernism eras, which have put different demands on than e-marketing function, as a response to evolving marketing needs and business operating environments. This paper outlines the three eras with the various changes that reshaped the marketing function and the respective environmental demands from the market that precipitated such changes. Critical thinking represented a significant step in business operations where scholars and researchers studied the contemporary organisation in finer details to understand how productivity could be improved. Winslow Fredrick Taylor, a management consultant, mainly concerned with the ways in which the output of any firm would be enhanced significantly, first developed the theory (Simmons, 2008). The central idea behind Taylors theory was to increase efficiency in the production functions within organisations. As Sedtke (2009) further explains, the theory demanded that work be divided into smaller movements that were highly regularised, resulting in a disciplined approach to functions at work. The result was breaking jobs into smaller sections leading to the separation of workers from each other and specialization of tasks (Tsukamoto, 2007).  

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