Friday, September 27, 2019

Bostonair Limited v World Trade Center Hull & Humber Essay

Bostonair Limited v World Trade Center Hull & Humber - Essay Example The task-oriented approach enriches their jobs, and since the attention is job-centered, the routinary element is minimized and the emphasis is placed on results. Flat organizations lack the tall hierarchical structure of centralized organizations and are better suited for workers who, because of their technical expertise, work best in a spirit of collaboration rather than control. Bostonair also has the advantage of a custom-designed recruitment software that more effectively and efficiently matches employer-customers’ needs with job applicants’ qualifications. Because of the exceptional quality of its service, it has accumulated an exceptional track record in the 65 years it has been in service, ranking 7th in the UK among privately owned firms. Its quality of performance has merited a high level of repeat business from prominent firms in the airline industry such as KLM and Lufthansa Technik. Furthermore, much of its organization’s revenue is generated in the German market; the profits earned from German firms exceeds profits may from the UK firms by a factor of 4:1. This is partially an advantage for Bostonair, in that the German economy is the largest and most progressive in Europe. In the case of an economic recession, the German economy is most likely going to prove the most resilient among the European countries, which means demand for Boston airs services may be expected to remain steady. On the other hand, the fact that Germany is its biggest market may present a slight disadvantage in that Germany’s tax rates are higher than those of other European countries, including the UK. Also, it is still possible, despite the strength of the German economy, that the airline industry, in general, may succumb to the global recession. This is not farfetched since travel for business and for tourism are both sensitive to market downturns.  

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