Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Sound the Jubilee :: Essays Papers

Sound the Jubilee Slaves lived terrible lives; always being told what to do and how to live, what to eat and who to converse with. But what if all that could change? What if slaves could be free to live their own lives? That’s what Sandra Forrester writes about, in the book Sound the Jubilee. The main characters in the book are Maddie, a young slave girl, and her family, Titus, Ella, Angeline, and Pride. Titus is a sweet, strong, loving father; Ella is a kind, firm, loving mother; Angeline is Maddie’s older sister, who always does everything perfectly; and Pride is Maddie’s unhealthy baby brother. The setting is during the Civil War, from 1861-1865 at River Bend Plantation, Nags Head, and Roanoke Island. Maddie and her family are house slaves on a North Carolina plantation; their problem is how to get to freedom. The solution? When she and her family are sent with their mistress to Roanoke Island because of invading Yankees, they run for freedom. Once the Yankees take over the island, the government gives aid to all the runaway slaves and provides them with jobs and the resources to start new lives. I think the author shows how the season changes very clearly throughout the book. For example, when summer came to Roanoke Island it was stated clearly at the beginning of the chapter, (pg 92, paragraph 1). Or when autumn came to Roanoke Island, the author describes it clearly as crisp, cool, and early, (pg. 110, paragraph 3). Summer was also described again clearly as especially hot and miserable, (pg. 132, paragraph 2). The S.C.I. point that relates most to this book is The Nature of Life is to Grow. In many of the chapters at least one of the characters grows in some way.

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