Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Standards and Standardization Research Paper Essay

Standards and Standardization Research Paper - Essay Example The international method and schemes that are used are applied to the methods and processes used for the creation and maintenance of content, the specific tools used for content creation and maintenance and the interoperability of the contents. The implementation of international standards and other standardization procedures has the effect of reducing the risks that may be met as well as improving the quality of goods and services that may be offered consequently improving an economy as well as the welfare of the society as a whole. Economists propose a mode of categorization of standards that can be based on the economic effects that come across that is useful in the analysis of both the economic forces that determine standardization as well as the impacts of the standardization. Therefore, it can be authoritatively argued that any standard enhances trade as they reduce asymmetries in information, show the consumers that there is quality and create a common basis of discussion for the partners involved in trade that has an effect in the reduction of costs incurred in transaction (Estevadeordal, Suominen and Teh 2009, p.251). International standards can be used to facilitate trade in terms of imports while national standards are essential in protecting domestic suppliers from competition from foreign markets and through this; consumers are protected as well as reduced costs for companies. In addition, due to the fact that industries rely more on a network of suppliers and differentiated value chains, international standards are an important element in the assessing the quality of products and the reduction of risks to both consumers and the suppliers. Swann (2010) states that there is a positive relationship between international standards and standardization of exports or imports whereby for national standards, the results are inconclusive while internationally it affects trade and the economies depending on their design and mode of implementation (Swann 2010 , p.6). Standardization is a voluntary, consensus-driven activity carried out by all interested parties and along with the code of mutually recognizing others, it plays a noteworthy role in the in the proper running of both the internal and international markets. Harmonization of standards helps ensure that there is a free movement of merchandises within the national and international markets thus making the businesses or enterprises to be more competitive in the market (Chrisdoulaki 2010, p.5). The standards set up by different criteria of standardization has got the beneficial effect of protecting the health and the safety of consumers of the products offered in the market place whether locally or internationally as well as the protection of the environment in which we live in. National/international Product Certification schemes Canadian Standards Association (CSA) The Standards Council of Canada whose main task is to improve and promote efficient as well as effective standardiza tion procedures for products and services used within Canada and internationally has accredits the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). It conducts both standardization and certification after which it awards the CSA certification mark when products meet the required safety and performance levels in its fifty-seven areas of operation. Within the arm bit of CSA group is the CSA International that tests

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