Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A Reminder About Crowdfunding

A Reminder About Crowdfunding Most emails I receive from readers about finding funds, request sources of grants. Grants to pay them to write, travel, or research. Most of the time, these are first-time book creators, calling from the great sea of the unpublished. And each time I have to tell them that unless they have other skills, experience, or notoriety about the subject matter, nobody wants to issue a grant to a novice to write. Remember, the grant provider needs to sparkle from your success, and ride on your coattails. They dont just write checks for the fun of it. Then I suggest crowdfunding as an alternative. Why? 1) Crowdfunding teaches you how to promote yourself. 2) Crowdfunding teaches you how to build a platform. 3) Crowdfunding teaches you how to develop a following. 4) Crowdfunding teaches you how to budget. 5) Crowdfunding teaches you entrepreneurialship. Where can you find crowdfunding? Start here: 10 Crowdfunding Platforms for Writers    As a matter of fact, you can see a very simple crowdfunding campaign And take a look at a more complicated campaign at Kickstarter.com where Crystal Sully wants to publish The Untamed Beastiary: A Field Guide to Marvelous Monsters. She has 780 pledges with a week to go. She requested $7,535, and the pledges to date amount to $47,625. And there are every size, shape, and subject to learn from in visiting these crowdfunding sites. Look under publishing. See what makes for a successful campaign. Find fund projects to support. I adore perusing crowdfunding sites and aiding others. I might not give each one more than $10, but Ive aided a writers creative endeavor.   Its a great way to give back AND learn how to manage a campaign of your own.

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