Thursday, October 17, 2019

Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 12500 words

Business Plan - Essay Example The partners have agreed that they should be co-equal partners in this venture, each providing one-third of the equity financing. Based on their experiences, skills and training, Brandon Beaver will take on the financial control and risk management, Kevin Gillin will oversee the organizational management as well as the manufacturing and operations aspect, because of his background in leadership and engineering. Brian Giuliano is a marketing professional in the field of medical devices, therefore his expertise is relevant in the market analysis and the sales and marketing activities for the venture. The line of products that the team proposes to manufacture include devices and technologies that do either one, two, or all of three things: (1) they detect the presence of certain substances, such as alcohol or drugs, which may be detectable in the breath, sweat, or subcutaneous layers of the skin; (2) to sense the physical or mental state of the driver with regard to fatigue, age, or disability by which a driver’s skill or attention may be compromised; and (3) on the basis of these findings, if the detected substance or condition has reached a critical level, to disable the car’s ignition or provide a signal or alarm to the driver, particularly in the case of drowsiness, or a similar signal to a remote location, such as to the parents of the youthful driver, with information as to the location of the vehicle if supplemented with GPS capability. Cannabis, more commonly known as marijuana, has been legalized for medical use in at least three countries (Israel, the Czech Republic, and Canada), and in several states in the United States although US Federal law bans the possession and use of the substance. Its use has been decriminalized in several countries and possession is legal in the Netherlands. Commencing 2013, recreational use of marijuana is legal in the two US states, namely Washington and Colorado. As a result of the increasingly

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