Saturday, October 19, 2019

Exam Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Exam - Case Study Example From this belief, they are able to cope with their social identity as perceived by other people. On the other hand, people with discreditable stigma assume that they stigma is not known and cannot be directly identified (Shana & Collete 63). They are able to protect their stigma from their normal social identity. This allows them to decrease their stigma. The self-fulfilling prophecy enable people with different behavior create their preferred societal perception. Enacting the prophecy and responding to societal influence enables people with different behavior to increase a normal society perception on them (Leflot, Onghena & Colpin 390) People with physical disabilities are able to see that they are different and not normal as compared to other people. Cox is of the assumption that this perception develops a negative self-concept (430). The individual view themselves as less effective and social fit. Learning process as directly linked with the abilities of a person to child to fit in a specific environment. For instance, a child with autism may be placed in a different classroom environment from normal children (Keller 98). In addition, a person from a poor background may not be enrolled in educational institutions that provide top quality learning experiences. A self-advocacy framework may improve the abilities of people with disabilities to become significant members of the society. Through the framework, people with disabilities should be provided with self-knowledge abilities, knowledge of rights, communication and leadership skills (Marsh & Martin 60). This skills increase the effectiveness of people with disabilities to take part in professional practices. Fatness should not be perceived as a disability. In an argument by Keller being overweight cannot be perceived as a disability since it may be caused by a lifestyle that can be avoided (56). In addition, most cases of disabilities like autism require special medical attention and

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