Wednesday, October 9, 2019

KONE PLC Strategic Plan including digital marketing strategy Essay

KONE PLC Strategic Plan including digital marketing strategy - Essay Example An analysis of its market approaches shows that the firm has had its presence in Europe since its establishment. Additionally, the company has not used its capital accumulation to enhance its growth in other markets, unlike other firms that have targeted infant elevator markets. An analysis of its product and services shows that the company has provided dedicated its production line in people flow. Most of its products include automatic doors, auto walks, elevators, escalators, and access control systems. Its branding strategies have increased its target markets ensuring an increase in sales and capital accumulation. It also targets the service industry that has been rated as one of the fast growing markets globally. The diversity of products also assists in its competition strategies leading to its high ratings in the top global firms list. An increase in its main markets requires that the firm should adopt services such as digital marketing to ensure all customers in the markets (Asia, Europe, and the U.S) are covered without any delays. KONE GB’s mission statement is based on the safety of customers. Its dedication to people flow is the driving force for its production and product quality. The firm ensures that its products have undergone safety tests since they directly deal with the people. Ensuring maximum security and a smooth flow of people with flexibility and scalability is a mission statement that governs the employees in their production process. As a result, its products have been rated safest compared to its competitors. It has also incorporated advanced technology in its products to reduce the risks of breakdowns. In the values statement, the firm has engaged in class that is required in the service industry. For example, it has made attractive elevators and escalators that can be used in luxurious hotels and malls. They ensure that customers can customize their product; hence, acting as a strategy to increase its market

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