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Tennessee WilliamsCat on a Hot Tin Roof Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tennessee WilliamsCat on a Hot Tin Roof - Essay Example The author develops a series of both intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts, which sustains the story to completion. The plot begins with the Brick trying to recapture his glory days as an athlete. He is in a drunken state and therefore loses his control and fall thus obtaining an injury that leaves him dependent on crutches. This depicts underlying conflicts in the life of the play’s main character. The scene reveals his dissatisfaction with his marriage a major trend that compels him to alcoholism. Meanwhile, Big Daddy, Brick’s father, is being discharged from the hospital and the event coincide with his sixty-fifth birthday thus prompting his extended family to organize him a grand birthday party. The grand birthday become s major issue in the play as every character becomes absorbed in the organization thus concealing the underlying differences among the characters. The author does not develop a tragedy in the story; he appreciates the difference among the character but simply develops conflicts from such. The author strives to maintain a jovial mood in the play with the characters enjoying themselves. At first is Brick having a fun moment on the track trying to relive his high school years then the scenes shift to the organization of the grand birthday party for Big Daddy. The party is a great success and manages to conceal the disease the old man is suffering from. By covering the disease in deceit, the characters seek to maintain the jovial mood of the play, which is unlike in tragedies where characters live sorrowful lives. The conspiracy is revealed and the entire family later learns that Big Daddy is suffering from cancer. The news depresses the family for a while but they eventually heal. In fact, the news compels Brick to reconcile with his father thus solving their differences. By reconciling their differences, the two characters liven the mod of the play

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