Monday, December 9, 2019

Internet Usage free essay sample

This is having a major effect on the social aspects of community life with potentially serious consequences. A substantial amount of evidence is emerging proving the internet to be a danger. Internet addiction is at the centre. Students are the most at risk. They have large amounts of free time to spend on the internet (Young, K Surfing not studying: dealing with internet addiction on campus). Thus increasing their risk of becoming addicted. Social Implications of the internet Is the internet having a negative effect on social aspects of life? The internet is having a large impact on community life. Many people now shop online; do online banking, online learning, socializing online and even online dating. This is all reducing face-to-face contact within the community. People no longer bump into each other while on the way to the bank, or at the shops, the community are turning into strangers to each other. We will write a custom essay sample on Internet Usage or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page People are choosing to sit at home alone on the internet instead of going out. This is a massive change to traditional community life. The internet is a massive step in communication. It has bridged the ommunication gap between continents, dramatically reducing the costs of keeping in touch. Online Communication methods include e-mail, audio and video conferencing and IP telephony just to name a few. Communication using the World Wide Web is quick, cheap and effective. All of these communication mediums are an enjoyable way to spend time, however, too much time spent on the net can result in an addiction. The internet communication boom does have its pitfalls. Society is only just becoming aware of the potentially serious consequences of internet usage. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Second Life and Myspace reduce face-to-face interaction. Internet addiction, first dismissed, is now a real and serious issue among the younger, more computer literate generation. Philip Brey (2006) stated that online relationships affect offline relationships negatively, by causing people to become complacent when communicating face-to-face. He also claims that online relationships are not as meaningful and people tend to be fake. There is evidence to suggest that using the internet regularly can cause feelings of ‘depression’ and ‘alienation’ (Ackermann, E 2000). For many, social networking sites are a simple way to keep up to date with friends abroad, and are to be used now and then, for some, it’s not that simple. These social networking sites and online gaming facilities, known an MUD’s or MMORPG’s can cause people to get addicted to the internet. Fact. As we know, it is hard to police the internet; there is no set law and order. Internet law needs to be modified. The laws that apply in Australia may not apply on the internet because ‘cyberspace is global’ (Darlington, R 2002). Many people are not who they say they are and peoples personal details can be stolen. Other causes for concern are censorship, cultural domination and digital divide. Some governments block certain information from their citizens. A loss of individual culture is also an issue; many traditions are being lost because western values are dominating the internet. (Foley, JP 2002) Method Survey Design Method During the design process of the survey, the participants were taken into account. Numerous class discussions showed that internet addiction was clearly an issue for concern for students. With the knowledge that all participants would be students ranging from 18-25 the survey mainly revolves around questions that relate to internet addiction. For the final survey see appendix A. In order for the surveys to be sent and received in an organized manor, a distribution list was set up. Following this, a polite email explaining what the survey was about and what it was for was sent to all five participants. The survey was attached to the email. In order to prevent confusing answers, a set of instructions suggest the answering method i. . to ‘highlight’ and put in ‘bold’ the chosen answers. This made the result taking process a lot easier. Once the data was obtained, a rough results table for each question was recorded, and the results were checked to minimize human error. Once the results were clear, the data was recorded in Microsoft Excel. The data was also colour coded in correlation to the question to avoid confusion. Here is an example of the spreadsheet data for question.

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